On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 07:57:01PM +0000, Craig White wrote:
> You can do that, but why switch the order? Isn't it better to let SSSD 
> autodiscover the serves with SRV records?
> ----
> Sure but it seems that a specific entry is auto-created on each of the 
> machines joined to IPA like this one-line clip from sssd.conf
> ipa_server = _srv_, ipa01.stt.local
> Should I just have _srv_ and not any specific ipa servers listed there?

Depends on what do you want the clients to do :-)

What the directive says is:
    1. _srv_ -- autodiscover the servers using DNS SRV records
    2 ipa01.stt.local -- if that fails, connect directly to this server

Hopefully the 'failover' sections in sssd man pages are also helpful.

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