I successfully create a trust relationship between a freeipa 3.3 realm (on 
Centos 7) and a windows 2008 AD.
Now I add some machine clients to my IPA realm, and try to connect to them with 
my AD credential:
- connecting to the 2 freeipa server: no problem
- connecting to a Centos6 machine: no problem
- connecting to a Centos5 machine: fail

to say it differently:
- when connecting to the Centos5 with a Freeipa Realm user it works
- when connecting to the Centos5 with a AD Realm user, it fails

I just want a confirmation: it fails because centos5 is packaged with sssd < 
1.9 and do not support cross realm? (and indeed, it cannot works)
or is it possible to make it working? and my error is somewhere else?


Nicolas Zin
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