Hello, FreeIPA list!
About a month ago I promised to write a detailed tutorial about FreeIPA domain 
including both Linux and Unix (FreeBSD) clients, and now it's ready!
Use this link to download the tutorial:
I would highly appreciate if you find time to read the tutorial completely from 
the beginning to the end,
follow all instructions and post your comments regarding:
1) errors in wording / spelling (I'm not a native English speaker);
2) unnecessary actions (maybe the system will work perfectly well without 
performing some steps);
3) insufficient comments on some instructions (maybe you can give a better 
BRIEF description for some steps).
The only thing I would ask anyone willing to collaborate
is to read the tutorial completely before commenting on anything!
If you collaborate on this subject, we'll be able to prepare
a new and actual Quick Start Quide for FreeIPA software.
Thanks for your attention, time and efforts!

Orkhan Gasymov.
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