William Muriithi wrote:
> Afternoon 
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> I have the following commands and I need to set up for Jenkins to run through 
> sudo.  For this to work, I need to add two sudo options, no password and no 
> requiretty
> Is this something supported by IPA version ipa-server-3.3.3-28.el7_0.3.x86_64 
> ?  I can't seem to get it working and there is very little documentation on 
> sudo options with IPA on the web.
> ipa sudorule-add jenkins --desc "Allow jenkins to deploy  jboss, imageserver 
> and fileserver  on all  the systems"
> ipa sudocmdgroup-add-member --sudocmds '/sbin/service jboss start' 
> jenkins_commands
> ipa sudocmdgroup-add-member --sudocmds '/sbin/service jboss stop' 
> jenkins_commands
> [root@ipa3-yyz-int ~]# ipa sudorule-add-option jenkins_commands --sudooption 
> !authenticate
> -bash: !authenticate: event not found
> [root@ipa3-yyz-int ~]# ipa sudorule-add-option jenkins_commands
> Sudo Option: !requiretty
> ipa: ERROR: no such entry
> What is the proper way of handling SUDO options with ipa?

Bash is interpreting the bang, put single quotes around the options and
it should work.


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