I have a cluster of four IPA masters that should be performing fully meshed
replication.  I discovered yesterday that a recently created user only
existed on a single master.  After looking through all four masters, it
appears that several recent updates only exist on one of the masters.  I do
not see any replication errors in any of the logs, but I'm not 100% sure
how far back this issue goes.  I do believe the one master with up-to-date
data is a reliable representation of what the LDAP directory should look
like.  I ran a reinitialize command (ipa-replica-manage re-initialize
--from reliable-server.fqdn) on two of the out-of-date masters yesterday
around 4pm EST.  It's now a little after 12pm EST and the "Update in
progress" message is still scrolling by once a second on both terminals.
I'd greatly appreciate suggestions about a) how to determine the status of
the reinitialize command and b) any other ideas about how to resolve this
issue and monitor for it better in the future.  Thanks in advance for your


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