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Hi List!
Our setup is:
.  2 domain controllers with Windows 2008 R2 AD DC
. 2x RHEL7 as IPA server with domain: linux.acme.example.com <http://linux.acme.example.com> . example.com <http://example.com> as Forest Root Domain and acme.example.com <http://acme.example.com> as transitive child domain We have established a cross realm trust between linux.acme.example.com <http://linux.acme.example.com> and acme.example.com <http://acme.example.com>.

It works great on RHEL 6 clients with SSSD1.9.X. The user groups are assigned correctly and that is fine.

The question is : What about integration Unix systems like AIX6/7, Solaris 10/11 oraz HPUXv3 as IPA clients in such configuration? I found ex. here: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/15/html-single/FreeIPA_Guide/#Configuring_an_IPA_Client_on_AIX that it is possible, but will it work with cross realm? We will not find there a modern sssd daemon.

Have you got any experience?


You need to use this: http://www.freeipa.org/images/0/0d/FreeIPA33-legacy-clients.pdf

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager IdM portfolio
Red Hat, Inc.

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