That is indeed what it was -- thank you so much. Now they both boot in about 60 seconds.

Gosh, keeping up with all the "little annoyances" is indeed a fulltime job. The team is doing great with the product and I truly appreciate all the work and quick responses on the mailing-list.


On 12/16/14 12:19 AM, Patrick Hurrelmann wrote:
On 15.12.2014 19:28, Janelle wrote:
Hi all..

Not sure if this is IPA related, but here it is:

1. IPA 4.1.2 install on CentOS 7
2. IPA 4.1.2 install on Fedora 21

So both systems are systemd based - the fedora system reboots in less
than 30 seconds. The CentOS system reboots and has strange timers
showing that it is waiting on various "targets and servoces" -- having
trouble tracking it donw, but the bottom line is the CentOS 7 box takes
almost 10-15 minutes to reboot.

Thoughts? Ideas?? I know there is something in the startup that seems to
MAYBE be related to the fedora-domain vs rhel-domain settings in some of
the IPA python scripts -- or maybe not.  Just thought I would see if
anyone else is seeing something like this.

You are probably hitting:

For me this resulted in symted error messages on bootup and slowed the
boot to 15-20min. Applying the following patch corrected this:

I guess this is fixed in RHEL 7.1.

Best regards

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