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Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 12:32 PM
Subject: [Freeipa-users] ldapsearch queries for audit


We are running the following versions on RHEL 6.6:

ipa-server.x86_64   3.0.0-42.el6
389-ds.noarch        1.2.2-1.el6

I'm not very experienced with the ldapsearch and would greatly appreciate some 
guidance.  I'd like to run some ldapsearch's that will return access 
information for specific hosts.  For example; I'd like to return what users 
have access to 'host x' and what sudo rules are available to these users.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Herb, I am sure that some if not all of that can be derived via LDAP but I have 
found this info is much more easily returned via IPA commands.

ipa hostgroup-show $SOME_HOSTGROUP

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