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Hi List

i was trying to add linux machine manually as client. iwas following this http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/15/html/FreeIPA_Guide/linux-manual.html

while doing ipa-getkeytab on FreeIpa server, i am getting error like " Operation failed! PrincipalName not found."

please help me to solve this issue.

When you do client enrollment using ipa-client you can run it in several ways: - high level admin that has full privileges in IPA (recommended just for demo and POC purposes) - low level admin that has permission to provision systems. Such admin does not have privilege to create the host entry during registration. The entry must be there. The error you see above indicates that the host entry does not exist. - automated system. In this case the entry has to be precereated and one can set or request IPA to generate a registration code that can be used once as an OTP to register client.

So if you do things manually you need to create host entry first manually on the server side.

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