Hi All,

Why doing some IPA commands on my 4.1.2 install I get the following error:

ipa: ERROR: Kerberos error: Kerberos error: ('Unspecified GSS failure.
Minor code may provide more
                  information', 851968)/('KDC has no support for
encryption type', -1765328370)/

I already tried to add this to my [libdefaults] in my krb5.conf:

allow_weak_crypto = yes
default_tkt_enctypes = RC4-HMAC, DES-CBC-CRC, DES3-CBC-SHA1,DES-CBC-MD5
default_tgs_enctypes = RC4-HMAC, DES-CBC-CRC, DES3-CBC-SHA1, DES-CBC-MD5

But this doesn't seem to fix it.

Is this still the known bug in 4.x ?

And can I fix it ?



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