I am trying to figure out how (or if its even possible) to use
wildcard type sudo rules in FreeIPA.

I setup Sudo rules usage and so far seems to be working - at least if
I setup ALL type rules for Hosts.

However it looks like I have to add specifc allowed hosts in the GUI
as they either appear in the host list or add them in the External
option box.  However that makes it messy / non scalable if I want to
create a group of users that have access to a large number of host
types, say db servers or something.

File based sudo rules allow for constructs such as:

someusername *dbserver* = /opt/appname/admintools/run_admin_tools.sh

Which allows someuser to have sudo options on any hostname matching
*dbserver* and then run the command allowed.  This all currently seems
doable in IPA except the wildcard part for hostnames / domains etc.

Apologizes if I missed this in the docs.

Thanks in advance for any ideas (command line methods?)


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