On 08/01/15 15:34, Baird, Josh wrote:

The docs state this:

"DNS slaves will transfer the whole zone periodically as is specified in zone's SOA 
record. DNS masters also send DNS NOTIFY messages to inform slaves about a change 

I have a need to execute zone transfers from my IPA server(s) to non-IPA slaves and I would like 
the IPA servers to send notifies each time the zone is updated/reloaded (eg, the 
"also-notify" option in BIND).  Currently, the zone transfer is only executed once the 
refresh timer in the SOA expires.  I don't see an option within IPA to configure the BIND 
"also-notify" option.

How can I make my IPA DNS servers send notify's to my non-IPA slave servers so 
that zone transfers occur immediately after IPA zone updates?



Maybe this will help.

Martin Basti

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