On 01/08/2015 09:12 PM, John Desantis wrote:
Martin, Rob, and Nalin,

The patch worked for me
thank you so much for the assistance!

The process was simple.  I'll quickly outline it for other users faced
with the same issue.

1.)  Apply patch.
2.)  Ensure certmonger wasn't running (in my case it just crashed
after a few minutes);
3.)  Edit the request in question in /var/lib/certmonger/requests to
remove the corruption;
4.)  Restart certmonger.

Great to hear! But as I said, this fix is part of RHEL-6.6, so alternative for 1) is "update IPA to RHEL-6.6"

Not sure if steps 2-4 are required though, I would hope that just update&resubmit is enough.

Again, I really appreciate the assistance on such a great product.
Obviously, there would be pizza and beer if you were all local!

Heh... Come to next DevConf (http://www.devconf.cz/) and you will have a chance to meet (most of) us, if you are interested! ;-)

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