Morning folks

I am currently working on a little pet project which I think some would
find useful.

I would like to introduce some group policy like functionality into a
FreeIPA domain.

For example:
In an environment running FreeIPA Server with Fedora or RHEL based
workstations, I would like to be able to introduce a few extra features
which initially may be pushed via a login script (maybe even configure a
dbus session as well, who knows?).

My intentions here would be to be able to apply host specific policies as
well as have the option for user specific policies which would be applied
when the user logs in.

Practically speaking, adding an attribute to LDAP to specify a login script
file name is easy enough, however actually fetching this is where I am
hoping for a bit of brain storming. My thoughts would be the local user
would fetch the name of the login script via ldap, and then perhaps fetch
the file from a shared resource on the FreeIPA masters in order to be
executed locally.

LDAP is obviously replicated, however to my knowledge, there is no file
synchronization between masters. I am thinking something similar to the MS
equivalent of the SYSVOL data that replicates between MS Domain
Controllers. One option would be to store all data within LDAP, however
I've seen many scenarios where admins store CD ISO's in replicated domain
data, so I am not certain this would be the best option.

With this replicated data folder, I would be able to store centrally
managed scripts which would be used for hosts or users, and then configure
the default user template on each workstation (/etc/skel/) to add the login
script file name which would be fetched from the users LDAP attributes.

Real world usability for what I am thinking of is a way to manage users who
can have their corporate email mailbox configured on login, automatically
setting the users session to point to an internal SSO enabled proxy server
or perhaps any other number of things which an admin may wish to achieve
without the need to manually do the work themselves.

Has anyone undertaken a similar scenario in their environments or would
perhaps have any suggestions on how to manage the centrally accessible file

Many thanks

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