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Just a note to anyone else who may be interested. This may be obvious but it wasn't to me at first, The "ipa dnszone-mod ... --update-policy=..." command wipes out the existing BIND update policy. So what would seem to me to be the correct procedure is to do "ipa dnszone-show --all" first to get the existing policy. Then append the new policy to the existing. This
 is what ultimatley worked for me (all one line).

ipa dnszone-mod inside.lan --update-policy="grant INSIDE.LAN krb5-self * A; grant INSIDE.LAN krb5-self * AAAA; grant INSIDE.LAN krb5-self * SSHFP; grant dhcpupdate zonesub A; grant dhcpupdate zonesub TXT; grant dhcpupdate
 zonesub PTR;"

Would you mind contributing a howto solution to FreeIPA site?

Wouldn't mind at all however the Howto I used (http://www.freeipa.org/page/Howto/DNS_updates_and_zone_transfers_with_TSIG) is mostly correct, only three errors that I'm aware of. And it is a bit "brief", there are a few things I could add. Should I just follow up off list with updates/changes?

-- Mike


Petr, Martin, what do you think is the best approach, for Mike just edit the page or send corrections off list?

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