This is not exactly the right place to post this message, but I reckon it is 
close enough.

A year or so ago, I wrote up a guide for configuring a Postfix client to use 
Kerb/GSSAPI to authenticate against a Postfix server acting as a relay. The 
guide is here:
and it is linked somewhere on the FreeIPA pages. It was written for RHEL 6.x

Everything worked fine and I forgot everything I ever learned to write the 
guide :).

With the release of RHEL 7 I am again going back through the process of 
validating that things work as I believe they should etc. Trying to configure 
up this same setup with RHEL 7 is however, proving to be problematic. The 
configuration directives have not changed and everything should in theory work, 
however it simply doesn't.

My basic layout is as follows, RHEL 7 Postfix client attempting to relay 
through a RHEL 6 Postfix server using Kerberos.

SASL appears to be bailing when attempting to use GSSAPI for auth with the 
Postfix server. The specific error is:

 warning: SASL authentication failure: GSSAPI Error: A required input 
parameter could not be read (Unknown error)

Which means all of nothing to me. However, I found the following bug in Cyrus' 

Essentially mentioning the same thing, and mentioning that this error is 
cropping up in a few places (autofs is mentioned). The specific commit they 
reference is here:

I don't know whether this is an incompatibility, I don't know whether running 
against a RHEL 7 Postfix server will help in any way. I actually don't know 
much of anything about this, and hence wanted to ask for thoughts from folks 
who may be more in the know than I am.

Any ideas what this is all about? Any thoughts about possible solutions?


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