On (15/01/15 09:17), Petr Spacek wrote:
>On 15.1.2015 03:34, Sina Owolabi wrote:
>> Hi List
>> Please is it really possible to have Debian and Ubuntu serve as IPA clients?
>> I've tried some instructions/guidelines on the list and they always fail
>> with the IPA client install being halfway completed and sssd's
>> configuration file moved to .deleted.
>> I'm really interested in getting this to work and I'll appreciate any help
>> I can get. Failing that are there any alternatives?
>Please see http://www.freeipa.org/page/Troubleshooting#Client_Installation
>If it does not help then please post more information about your problem, 
>- exact package versions (keep in mind that "Wheezy" is a moving target)
What do you mean by moving target?

wheezy is codename for the latest release is Debian 7.8. It is also (currently)
known as stable

The most problematic part is that freeipa-client is not in repositories of
debian stable or debian testing (just debian unstable)

The bigger problem with wheezy an Ubuntu 12.04 is that they contain very old
version of sssd.

debian wheezy

Ubuntu 12.04

NOTE: They may work but may contains bugs.

For Ubuntu 12.04, there is the Timo's ppa repo which contains new sssd.


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