On 20/01/15 16:58, rob.har...@stfc.ac.uk wrote:
Daniel wrote:
; kerberos realm
_kerberos.my.domain. IN TXT my.domain.
this looks odd to me, our central DNS TXT record zone entry looks like

_kerberos  86400  IN  TXT        "MY.DOMAIN"

where "MY.DOMAIN" is my Kerberos realm (usually the domain name in
capital letters).

If you do a

dig +short -t TXT _kerberos.my.domain

it should answer

Hi Daniel, thanks for  the suggestion.

I get:

[root@rhtest02 ~]# dig +short -t TXT _kerberos.gridpp.rl.ac.uk

So not in uppercase.  I will ask to get the TXT record changed.  Unfortunately 
I can't do it myself, so can't check this instantly, but I will see what 



remove the trailing dot in TXT record, it could cause problems.

Martin Basti

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