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I've been trying to get our new AD environment and our existing IPA environment all happy, but am having little luck. To start, our info and a few questions:

IPA servers running CentOS 6.5 and ipa-server-3.0.0-42
Windows DC servers running Windows Server 2012

Anonymized domain info:
IPA NetBIOS domain: IPA
IPA DNS domain: domain.com <http://domain.com>
WIN NetBIOS domain: AD
WIN DNS domain: win.domain.com <http://win.domain.com>

AD environment using itself for DNS, IPA environment using external DNS (Cobbler/Bind). The appropriate _tcp, _ldap, etc. DNS entries have been created in the domain.com <http://domain.com> domain in Bind. I have set up users in IPA and AD with the same username and added a name mapping in AD to usern...@domain.com <mailto:usern...@domain.com>.

How are the domains connected? Do you use trust or sync?

1) Is it possible to log into a workstation that's been joined to a domain with IPA credentials?

You mean can I access a Windows workstation joined to AD domain by user from IPA domain?
No it is not implemented. It will require Global Catalog support in IPA.

2) If so, what are the minimum requirements for that? Do I need to run FreeIPA 3.3 on CentOS 7? FreeIPA 4 on Fedora? Something else?

3) Is there any way to log into the domain workstation with the NetBIOS domain and username and have it authenticate against the IPA environment? As in AD\username instead of usern...@domain.com <mailto:usern...@domain.com>? If only the latter will work, will users be able to map drives and access other AD resources without being prompted for username/pass?

You seem to be looking for the full mutual trust capability. It is not there yet.
Help is welcome!

4) For initial setup of users, do the passwords for the AD and IPA accounts need to be the same? Will a password change in the Windows environment change the IPA password?

If you use sync then users and passwords are synced.
If you use trust, users stay where they are created (in AD or in IPA) and client is redirected to the AD or IPA domain the user is created in.

Any other hints, etc. for how to get this all working would be appreciated. I've gone through the FreeIPA AD Trust page(s) and various other sources, but am unclear on how things should work and whether or not I'm doing something wrong. Our old Windows 2003 domain is authenticating fine against MIT Kerberos, so I'm rather surprised how difficult this is proving to be.

If you just want to use IPA for windows you for now have to use the same Kerberos setup on Windows workstations as you have in the old domain. The main point if IPA is to server Linux clients not to replace AD. The AD can be replaced with Samba 4 and we are working on making it support trusts with IPA.

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