Hello all.

The environment i'm currently working to migrate under IPA identity
management contains mostly RHEL 6.2 servers.
I'm planing to use Active Directory Cross Forest Trust for Identities, IPA
as sudo provider, and all the other goodies that IPA provides.

If i want to enjoy all the new features (at least most of them), i know
that clients have to be sssd version > 1.9. And if i want IPA to be auto
configured as sudo provider  it has to be sssd > 1.11.

When reading the mailing list i noticed that sssd 1.11 is mentioned as
feature of rhel 6.6.
What i would like and understand is what could go wrong if i will install
sssd 1.11 on rhel 6.2 servers.And what is is your general recommendations
for older RHEL 6 (minor) releases?

Thanks in advance,
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