Some of this might be rudimentary, so I apologize if this is answered
somewhere, though I've tried to search and have not had much luck...

Basically,  I would like to be able to issue user certificates (Subject:
email=sblblabla@blabla.local) in order to use client SSL security on some
things.  I'm very new to FreeIPA, but have worked with external CAs in the
past for similar requests, however this is my first entry into
creating/running a localized CA within an organization.

I was wondering if this is possible via the command line, and if so, how to
go about submitting the request and receiving the certificate.  Any
guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Additionally, just as a matter of cleanliness, is there any way possible to
just completely wipe out the existence of a certificate/request from
FreeIPA.  I have done some trial-and-error and obviously have made mistakes
that I'd prefer to clean up after.  I've revoked those certs, however the
perfectionist in me hates seeing them there.  I'm quite certain the answer
is 'no', but I thought I would ask anyway.

Thanks for any assistance,

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