Matt Wells wrote:
> I've seen many links and conversations about migrating from 3.X to 4.X;
> some with migrate-ds but nothing that said "I did it and it worked". 
> Perhaps my Google-Fu is failing me.
> So I thought I'd ask here, has anyone fully migrated?  Systems, SSL
> certs, sudo and everything?  What resources did you use?  
> I'm moving to all new systems so this isn't an in-place upgrade.  Right
> now I have two systems (at 3.X) and two more (at 4.X) waiting in the
> wings to take over.
> I see where I could get users and groups but what about the rest?  
> Thanks to anyone who can point in the right direction.  I'll keep poking
> on Google and if I find anything I'll be sure to respond to my own query.  

Migration is for moving from an LDAP system to IPA.

To move between major versions the recommended path is to create a new
master on the upgraded platform. Run them in tandem until you're
satisfied that things are working and then retire the older version masters.

Be sure to include a CA on one or more of the 4.x masters as well.


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