i install ipa on centos 6.5
and want install replica
for purpose i do the following task:
   ipa-install-prepare --ip-address (replica) replica....
   (replica) namserver ipa
   (replica) ipa-replica-install
but in Connetcon Check get ERROR
=======message stdout replica=======
Connection from replica to master is OK.
Start listening on required ports for remote master check
Get credentials to log in to remote master
admin@********* password:

Execute check on remote master

Remote master check failed with following error message(s):

Connection check failed!
Please fix your network settings according to error messages above.
If the check results are not valid it can be skipped with --skip-conncheck
=========message log in /var/log/ipa-replication-connection-check
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG args=/usr/bin/kinit admin@IPA*****
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stdout=Password for admin@IPA*****:

2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stderr=
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG args=/usr/bin/kvno host/ipa********
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stdout=host/ipa*****@IPA******: kvno = 2

2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stderr=
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG args=/usr/bin/ssh -q -o StrictHostKeychecking=no
-o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null admin@ipa****
/usr/sbin/ipa-replica-conncheck --replica replica*******
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stdout=
2015-02-08T07:41:30Z DEBUG stderr=
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