On 10/02/15 12:22, Nicolas Zin wrote:

works if I don't add "--ip-address"


option --ip-address adds the specified address (addresses IPA-4-1) into IPA DNS. IPA currently does not support updating external DNS servers, so that is reason why replica preparation did not work for you.

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On 10/02/15 10:42, Nicolas Zin wrote:

I tried to install IDM 3.3 (RHEL7) without integrated DNS.
It works fine until I begin to create a replica:
root@srv-idm7-01 # ipa-replica-prepare srv-idm7-02.hq.company.com --ip-address --no-reverse
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

You can't add a DNS record because DNS is not set up.

The message is pretty clear: the DNS is not set up: for sure, it is externally 
Should I consider it as a bug? Or is there something I did wrong?


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configure A/AAAA and reverse records for


on your external DNS

Then run just

ipa-replica-prepare srv-idm7-02.hq.company.com

It should work.

I have to check again, but I'm pretty sure that A and reverse were already 
configured (but no AAAA), and I pointed to the correct external DNS server: I 
was tcpdumping it, and saw the requests.
I will see if I remove the --ip-address it change something

Martin Basti

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