I am currently running an IPA 3.3 server on Centos 7.  I have 70 IPA client 
machines running Scientific Linux 6.6 and 150 users.  User directories are 
auto-mounted from a Centos 7 file server.

I have been informed that all computer users on our campus must now 
authenticate off of the University's Active Directory server, including all 
Linux machines.  I have been looking through the IPA documentation and am 
getting myself confused and not completely understanding what needs to be done, 
thus I have some questions.

1.       The docs talk about setting up a trust between the IPA server and the 
AD server.  Will I need to change all of the IPA clients as well as the IPA 
server, or do I only need change the server and not have to touch the clients?

2.       Do I even need to set up a full trust relationship just to 
authenticate my users with AD?

3.       Since I already have 150 users, will I have to delete their IPA 
accounts before setting up the trust?  W

Sorry if my questions are a bit basic, but I need some guidance to get me 



David Fitzgerald
Department of Earth Sciences
Millersville University
Millersville, PA 17551

Phone:  717-871-2394
E-Mail:  david.fitzger...@millersville.edu

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