I have a replica which is offline, and I'd like to remove it (to be later

When trying to remove the replica with ipa-replica-manage according to the
instructions on the wiki, I get an error about inaccessible LDAP server:

# ipa-replica-manage del ipa-1.example.com
Connection to 'ipa-1.example.com' failed: Can't contact LDAP server
Unable to delete replica 'ipa-1.example.com'

ipa-1.example.com is the IPA replica and I am executing the command on IPA

I also tried disconnect, but the result was the same:

# ipa-replica-manage disconnect ipa-1.example.com
Failed to get list of agreements from 'ipa-1.example.com': Can't contact
LDAP server

Does anyone have a hint on how to get the replica removed? I'm running
ipa-server-3.0.0-42 on CentOS 6.6.


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