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                 I'm trying to install ipa-server with trust (Win 2008R2).
                 trustdomain-find will
                 work but when i try to trust-fetch-domains "ipa: ERROR: AD 
                 complains about communication sequence. It may mean
        unsynchronized time
                 on both
                 sides, for example" return. Force to reinstall adtrust. Have
        any idea
                 where is
                 the problem?

             You probably done that, but did you indeed verify that the time on
             your IPA server and AD are the same?




        Yes i did that.
        [root@ipa01 log]# ntpdate -u
        27 Feb 10:37:00 ntpdate[11281]: adjust time server offset
        -0.016979 sec

        By the way,
        #wbinfo --online-status

        BUILTIN : online
        ipadomain: online
        addomain : offline

    Right. Did you also check the actual AD? Especially when AD is in a VM, or
    of if for example it's time zone is wrong, the UTC time may not match.


On AD time zone (UTC+02:00) Istanbul and the same time with ipa server.

Ok, thanks. It was worth a try. If this is the case, I think you will simply need to follow our guide for debugging Trusts and send us the logs:



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