Hadoop Solutions wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to IPA and we are planning to deploy IPA one of our hadoop
> cluster nodes.
> But, i have question on IPA:
> 1. we are using corp DNS on all nodes, but still is it required to
> install IPA DNS server ?
> 2. Domain name will it conflicts with if any existing domain?
> ex: Domain name:   corp.abc.com <http://corp.abc.com>
> Please let me know right way to install without any conflicts with
> existing IPA like tools.

IPA just needs a sane, available DNS server. It doesn't need to own it.

There are some advantages to IPA owning the DNS server but as long as
you're willing to maintain the records that IPA needs you'll be fine.

If you plan to ever, maybe, even an outside chance want to integrate
with an AD server via trust you'll want to pick a unique realm for IPA
and a separate DNS zone (ipa.corp.example.com). Even without AD doing
that it can still be a good idea.


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