After rebooting freeipa server, I cannot log in to its web interface
and when I try to start it, it failed

More info:

[root@ipa ~]# systemctl start ipa.service
Job for ipa.service failed. See 'systemctl status ipa.service' and
'journalctl -n' for details.

[root@ipa ~]# systemctl status ipa.service
ipa.service - Identity, Policy, Audit
          Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/ipa.service; enabled)
          Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sun, 2015-03-01
21:36:49 MYT; 15s ago
         Process: 1918 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ipactl start (code=exited,
          CGroup: name=systemd:/system/ipa.service

Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Aborting ipactl
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting Directory Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting krb5kdc Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting kadmin Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting ipa_memcached Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting httpd Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 ipactl[1918]: Starting pki-tomcatd Service
Mar 01 21:36:49 systemd[1]: ipa.service: main process
exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Mar 01 21:36:49 systemd[1]: Failed to start Identity,
Policy, Audit.
Mar 01 21:36:49 systemd[1]: Unit ipa.service entered failed state

[root@ipa ~]# KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout kinit admin
[2324] 1425217336.627346: Getting initial credentials for
[2324] 1425217336.630877: Sending request (155 bytes) to
[2324] 1425217336.631163: Sending initial UDP request to dgram
[2324] 1425217336.631265: UDP error receiving from dgram 111/Connection refused
[2324] 1425217336.631301: Initiating TCP connection to stream
[2324] 1425217336.631351: Terminating TCP connection to stream
kinit: Cannot contact any KDC for realm '' while getting
initial credentials

[root@ipa ~]# rpm -qa  | grep ipa

What is my next course of action to solve this?

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