On 03/06/2015 11:02 AM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 6:21 PM, Rich Megginson <rmegg...@redhat.com <mailto:rmegg...@redhat.com>> wrote:

    On 03/06/2015 09:39 AM, Herwono W Wijaya wrote:
    vCenter SSO works well with Univention LDAP.

    Then set up a wireshark session to capture traffic between vCenter
    SSO and Univention LDAP, then do the same with vCenter SSO and
    IPA.  Then we can compare the TCP traffic dumps.

And so we can then change the preface that at this moment explicitly contains:
The environment used to write this document is based on pure vSphere 5.1, used in trial mode with vCenter server configured as a virtual appliance.
and update it covering 5.5 and hopefully 6.0 too... ;-)

I'm sorry - which preface?  Link?

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