On Mon, 09 Mar 2015, Traiano Welcome wrote:
Hi List

I have AD trusts configured and working between an IPA server and a
"master" primary domain controller (dc-1) in a forest in one data
center. This allows me to connect with SSH to linux servers in the
same data-center, authenticating with my AD credentials.

I'm trying to test a scenario where I have an IPA server set up in
another data center, and trust is established with an AD domain
controller (dc-2) in that data-center.
This domain controller takes dc-1 as it's authoritative source.
Ideally, the IPA server will interact with the domain controller
nearest to it (i.e dc-2), however, from tcpdump, I note the following:

- IPA server communicates with dc-2 first
- dc-2 returns a list of domain controllers in all the datacenters,
including dc-1
the IPA server then begins querying ldap and kerberos ports on dc-1,
the domain controller furthest from it.
- Authentication on clients fail

My question is:  Is it possible to get IPA  to query and interact only
with the domain controller it initially established trust with?
Let's first separate multiple issues.

1. Terminology
  Cross-forest trust is established between domain controllers in forest root
  domains. In case of IPA we need that access only once, when trust is
  created. You don't need to establish trust again with dc-2 once you
  have established it with dc-1.

  When trust is established, AD DCs will look up IPA masters via SRV
  records in DNS (_ldap._tcp.<ipa-domain>). We don't provide
  site-specific SRV records as IPA does not handle sites in this area

  However, this is not your problem.

2. User and group lookups are done by SSSD against global catalog
  service (_gc._tcp.<ad-domain>) and AD DS (_ldap._tcp.<ad-domain>),
  along with Kerberos KDC (AD DCs).

  These DCs are found via SRV records in DNS and SSSD since 1.9.5
  uses site-specific SRV records for AD domain controllers lookups in
  case of IPA-AD trust.

You are interested in (2) being site-aware. However, you didn't say what
is your distribution and software versions so it is quite hard to give
any recommendation.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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