Hi all, I have a weird shutdown issue on an IPA instance 
(ipa-server-3.3.3-28.0.1.el7.centos.3.x86_64) on CentOS (CentOS Linux release 
7.0.1406) that's been working fine for at least six months, maybe longer. It's 
replicated to an identical instance that is having no problems.

<https://gist.github.com/briantopping/2fc430038b4ca6c80d05> is the relevant 
snippets of /var/log/messages. It starts booting up, everything working, then 
systemd decides to shut down IPA for no apparent reason. I haven't touched any 
system software for several weeks.

When the system is booting, "runlevel" reports "unknown". It seems to be about 
the same time that it changes to "N 3" that everything starts shutting down.

My sense is systemd is configured with some dependency in the IPA processes 
that it (correctly) finds a fault and shut everything down. I just don't see 
anything in the messages above that would indicate such a fault. By the time 
it's over, even named is shut down!

Systemd is new to me still, if I need to RTFM, I guess that's one answer, but I 
thought I would check here to see if I could get a better idea of how 
everything is wired.

I am limping by on the second box for now, so this isn't an emergency.

Thanks for any consideration to this!


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