> On 12 Mar 2015, at 21:32, Rob Verduijn <rob.verdu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was looking into otp authentication and found some articles on how to 
> enable this in freeipa.
> I can't seem to figure out how this is going to deal with cashed credentials 
> on a laptop that is not able to connect the ipa server.
> How is this going to work out when 'native OTP' is being used ?

I'm sorry, but currently it doesn't as with the current (sssd-1.12.x) version 
we treat the long and one-time part as a single blob, so we can't cache it.

In the next version, we'll work on prompting for and handling the short and 
long term parts of the authtok separately, so we'll be able to cache 

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