On 3/16/15 3:49 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
> Our present IPA started on RHEL6.2 (I think) and has a self-signed cert which 
>  has the wrong encoding.   I am just replacing it now, its preventing RHEL7.1 
> joining/working/replicating.

Yeah, my server had the bug described here:

But the `ldapdelete` fix in comment 4 fixed that for me.

Even still, I'm unable to replicate.

That's why I'm now attempting *not* replicating and putting together a
whole new IPA setup, using "ipa migrate-ds" to move the old accounts
over.  The problem is, *that* doesn't work either.

It appears I'm stuck with a working but un-replicatable, un-migratable
FreeIPA server that's a ticking time bomb.

Benjamin Reed
The OpenNMS Group

ipa-replica-manage del ipa2.opennms.com

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