Hi everyone,

After upgrading (using rpm, yum upgrade) I can no longer login to my
machines using ssh. Before the upgrade everything was working fine.

Some loose facts:
- I'm installing IPA packages from the RHEL repositories onto RHEL systems,
so I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list to ask for assistance
- I have a basic setup of IPA with minimum rules (deleted HBAC rules to
single that out), using SSSD+PAM.
- Both other machines that are upgraded to a more recent version of sssd
and it's fellow packages and servers which was not yum upgraded are
affected by the issue, thus, everything seems to point at IPA.
- I'm able to obtain a kerberos ticket via kinit
- Running the following package version: ipa-server-4.1.0-18.el7.x86_64

SSH returns (adding -vvv hardly tells me anything useful):
Connection closed by UNKNOWN

I think that I have boiled down the issue to the following..
Both clients with upgraded sssd (1.12.2-58) and non upgraded clients
(1.11.2-65) give me the following output in sssd_<domain>.log:
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [hbac_eval_user_element]
(0x0080): Parse error on [cn=Modify PassSync Managers
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [hbac_ctx_to_rules]
(0x0020): Could not construct eval request
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [ipa_hbac_evaluate_rules]
(0x0020): Could not construct HBAC rules
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(0x0100): Backend returned: (3, 4, <NULL>) [Internal Error (System error)]
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(0x0100): Sending result [4][domain.com]
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(0x0100): Sent result [4][domain.com]
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [sdap_process_result]
(0x2000): Trace: sh[0x7f5711099220], connected[1], ops[(nil)],
(Mon Mar 16 14:12:17 2015) [sssd[be[domain.com]]] [sdap_process_result]
(0x2000): Trace: ldap_result found nothing!

I'm happy to attach more logs if needed.
I would very much like to avoid rolling back to an older IPA version by
reinstalling everything from scratch.
Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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