On 17/03/15 13:32, Roberto Cornacchia wrote:
Hi there,

I've just installed freeIPA on a FC21 server and trying to perform some sanity checks.

A first puzzle for me is: I have some DNS forwarders, which I selected during installation.
They do work and they do appear in /etc/named.conf

      forward first;
        forwarders {;;;;

However, I don't see them as DNS forwarders in IPA? Should I see them?



if you want to see them in IPA, you must add those forwarders with IPA command

ipa dnsconfig-mod --forwarder= --forwarder= ...
or using webUI

This setting will override configuration of forwarders in named.conf.

I don't know if there are some historical reasons to configure forwarders only in named.conf during installation, do you know Petr?

Martin Basti

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