Hi all,
yesterday I cleared up replication problems on my last standing IPA
server. So I somewhat feel like I'm coming out of the tunnel. Today I
want to turn up a replica again. However before doing so I'd like to
clean out the last remnants of data about all previous replicas.
I can't figure out the properly formatted ldif to use to remove the
nsds50ruv and the nsruvReplicaLastModified records in these entries.
Any guidance on the proper ldif to use would be much appreciated --
Here is are the tombstone entries -

dn: nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff,o=ipaca
objectClass: top
objectClass: nsTombstone
objectClass: extensibleobject
nsds50ruv: {replicageneration} 5317a449000000600000
nsds50ruv: {replica 96 ldap://noc1-prd.companyz.com:7389} 5317a455000000
600000 550878b9000000600000
nsds50ruv: {replica 71 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389} 531ce018000000
470000 531ce069000300470000
nsds50ruv: {replica 76 ldap://noc4-prd.companyz.com:7389} 531cdde8000000
4c0000 53f659500004004c0000
nsds50ruv: {replica 81 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389} 531bf216000000
510000 531bf265000100510000
nsds50ruv: {replica 86 ldap://noc3-prd.companyz.com:7389} 531a3222000000
560000 531a3256000400560000
nsds50ruv: {replica 91 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389} 5317f7cf000000
5b0000 531949920000005b0000
nsds50ruv: {replica 97 ldap://util1-prd.companyz.com:7389} 5317a45000000
0610000 5317a48a000100610000
o: ipaca
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 96 ldap://noc1-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 71 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 76 ldap://noc4-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 81 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 86 ldap://noc3-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 91 ldap://noc2-prd.companyz.com:7389}
nsruvReplicaLastModified: {replica 97 ldap://util1prd.companyz.com:7389}

Using the following to clean these did NOT work -

dn: cn=clean 97,cn=cleanallruv,cn=tasks,cn=config
changetype: add
objectclass: top
objectclass: extensibleObject
replica-base-dn: dc=companyz,dc=com
replica-id: 97
cn: clean 97

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