> nat...@nathanpeters.com wrote:
>> I have finally gotten all of my Solaris servers to accept AD users but
>> the
>> behavior is inconsistent.
>> In my FreeIPA domain, I can login to a Linux server and then ssh to the
>> Solaris server and I am automatically logged in because of my Kerberos
>> ticket (I assume).
>> But when I ssh from the first Solaris machine to the 2nd I am prompted
>> for
>> a password instead of being automatically signed in.  The strange thing
>> is
>> that it doesn't matter which machine I login to first, it's only the 2nd
>> hop that asks for a password.
>> Below are my console recording.  ipaclient1 is Linux, ipaclient5 and
>> ipaclient6 are Solaris.
>> Login from Linux -> Solaris 1 works without password
>> Login from Linux -> Solaris 2 works without password
>> Login from Solaris 1 -> Solaris 2 prompts
>> Login from Solaris 2 -> Solaris 1 prompts.
>> Any ideas?
> You log into Linux and get a TGT . Using that TGT you can log into any
> other box (Solaris or otherwise). Unless you are delegating that TGT
> with each ssh login you won't have one after the first login to another
> system, it will be used for authentication only.
> See the -K option of ssh, or SSAPIDelegateCredentials yes in sshd.
> rob

Oh I see.  Thank you, adding the Delegation line in my /etc/ssh/ssh_config
fixed that.

Two more questions:
I seem to have to add the Delegation line in my Linux clients too. 
Dimitri's earlier answer seemed to indicate that the feature was automatic
with the sssd but I still have to do -K or add the line to the config for
it to work.  Was he mistaken or was I interpreting his answer wrong?

Second Question if you know...
Does Solaris support host key identification the same way Linux does?  I
noticed that my Solaris hosts do not get SSHFP entries so I assume I could
possible manually add the host keys and SSHFP entries for it, but there is
not ssh_knownwhosts proxy on Solaris is there?

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