> nat...@nathanpeters.com wrote:
>> I have FreeIPA installed on several types of Linux machines and they are
>> all experiencing strange issues with certificates and host keys.
>> Here is the setup:
>> Server : FreeIPA 4.1.2 on Centos 7
>> Client 1&2 : FreeIPA 3.0.0-42.el6 with sssd 1.11.6-30.el6_6.4 on CentOS
>> 6.5
>> Client 3&4 : FreeIPA 4.1.2-1.el7 on Centos 7
>> First the FreeIPA clients running client 3.0.0 do not seem to be
>> properly
>> getting their host keys from the server.  Whenever I ssh from one client
>> to another (or even to the IPA server itself) I am prompted to answer
>> yes
>> or no to the host key.  The host keys are both listed in the host record
>> if I login to the domain controller web interface (and match what is on
>> the server), and the DNS SSHFP records exist also.
>> # sss_ssh_authorizedkeys --debug 10 admin
>> (Fri Mar 20 13:43:52:706986 2015) [sss_ssh_authorizedkeys] [main]
>> (0x0020): sss_ssh_get_ent() failed (2): No such file or directory
>> Error looking up public keys
>> I've seen some bug reports that this was a problem with sssd 1.10 but
>> with
>> a recent (updated today) version of sssd 1.11 I would assume that is not
>> the issue?
> I think you'll need to wait for one of the SSSD guys on this one. strace
> might point the way if the error is happening on the user side of dbus.
>> The second issue is that whenver I join a FreeIPA 4.1.2 client, I can't
>> login with FreeIPA or AD users.  I believe this is due to the fact that
>> when I login to the domain controller web interface and look at the
>> freshly enrolled client it says "kerberos key present, host provisioned"
>> but the next line is "Status No Valid Certificate".  Unenrolling and
>> re-enrolling the client leads to the same issue with "No Valid
>> Certificate".
>> Here is a grep of my client install log filtered for 'certificate'.  I
>> don't see any errors.
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:28Z DEBUG args='/usr/bin/certutil' '-d'
>> '/tmp/tmpuZCwlm'
>> '-A' '-n' 'CA certificate 1' '-t' 'C,,'
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:28Z DEBUG auth_certificate_callback: check_sig=True
>> is_server=False
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:28Z DEBUG auth_certificate_callback: check_sig=True
>> is_server=False
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:30Z DEBUG Adding CA certificates to the IPA NSS
>> database.
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:32Z DEBUG Attempting to add CA certificates to the
>> default NSS database.
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:32Z INFO Added CA certificates to the default NSS
>> database.
>> 2015-03-20T20:33:32Z DEBUG auth_certificate_callback: check_sig=True
>> is_server=False
> The host certificate is not used for anything so it isn't the problem.
> One is not obtained automatically in 4.1 any more. It wouldn't be used
> at login in any case.
> Did you disable the HBAC allow-all rule?
> I'd bump up the sssd debug level and check the logs.
> rob

Oh I realized that I can login to either of the 4.x clients from a windows
machine, but once on the 4.x client itself if I try to ssh off the machine
to either a 3.x or a 4.x client, I get :
$ ssh ipaclient4-sandbox-atdev-van
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

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