When I look at the password entries for my rfc2307 account in Active directory 
I get three different answers.
The only correct one is on a server where I used sssd to join AD directly ( the 
last one ).  Do I need to configure
rfc2307?  When I configured the server to join AD directly I use the option 
--enablerfc2307bis when I run authconfig.

from a freeipa client:
$ getent passwd jemce...@enas.net

from the ipa server:
[root@ipa ~]# getent passwd jemce...@enas.net
jemce...@enas.net:*:10001:10004:James McEvoy:/home/enas.net/jemcevoy:/bin/bash

from a server that joined AD directly using sssd:
$ getent passwd jemce...@enas.net
jemcevoy:*:10001:10004:James McEvoy:/home/jemcevoy:/bin/bash
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