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Can you show relevant parts of /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-EXAMPLE-CORP/access
and sssd logs from IPA master (with debug_level = 10) at least in
[domain], [nss], and [pam] sections.

You need to filter dirsrv logs by connection coming from AIX IP address
and then by conn=<number> where number is the same number as the one
with IP address line.

When authenticating, AIX would talk to IPA LDAP server to compat tree
and slapi-nis plugin which serves compat tree would do PAM
authentication as service system-auth where SSSD on IPA master will do
the actual authentication work.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

Here you can see the DS connection from AIX:
[24/Mar/2015:12:53:19 +0100] conn=96 fd=110 slot=110 connection from to
[24/Mar/2015:12:53:20 +0100] conn=96 op=0 BIND 
method=128 version=3
[24/Mar/2015:12:53:43 +0100] conn=96 op=0 RESULT err=0 tag=97 nentries=0 etime=24 
[24/Mar/2015:12:53:43 +0100] conn=96 op=-1 fd=110 closed - B1

As you can see it also takes quite some time to process the login.
Could that be a problem?
24 seconds sounds like bprins2example.com is a member of few groups with
big amount of members. On the other hand, BIND operation result is 0
(success) and it doesn't look like AIX dropped the connection, at least
there is no ABANDON within the context of this connection so AIX did not
cancel the request by itself.

How long does it take on AIX side to report the inability to login? Is
this time longer or shorter the one reported in etime= value on RESULT
line above?

The SSSD log files are a bit large with debug_level set to 10 and it
will take me some time to strip all customer data from it. Any log
events in particular you would like to see?
https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/Troubleshooting has explanation for
some times of issues you might find in the SSSD logs. I'd be interested
in "Common AD provider issues", "Troubleshooting authentication,
password change and access control".

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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