I have three IPA servers set up (master and two replicas) and they're all 
behaving normally. AD users can log in, AD group restrictions are honored, etc. 
Now I'm trying to set up clients, and running into problems. I have three 
clients set up, and all three behave differently.

On one of the clients, users can log in like they can on the servers. On the 
other two, users can't log in, but these two behave differently from each other.

Client 1 and servers (this is correct):

# id 'MIDD\juser'
uid=435021613(ju...@middlebury.edu) gid=435021613(ju...@middlebury.edu) 
groups=435021613(ju...@middlebury.edu),435330225(computer science lab 
 labfiles every...@middlebury.edu),435032463(mcms no 

Client 2 (AD groups are not listed):

# id 'MIDD\juser'
uid=435021613(ju...@middlebury.edu) gid=435021613(ju...@middlebury.edu) 

Client 3 (user not found):

# id 'MIDD\juser'
id: MIDD\juser: No such user

On each client I have cleared the sssd cache (rm -f /var/lib/sss/db/*) and 
restarted sssd, with no effect. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the 
client, also with no effect.

What else can I try?

David Guertin
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