Is it possible or perhaps not recommended to use the dogtag API and/or UI
on a FreeIPA system without using the freeIPA CLI or UI? I have a
requirement to submit a certificate to a service without kerberos and
without client software installed using a RESTful API. Dogtag API is very
well documented and I do not want to associate all my certificates with a
Kerberos principal because it adds complexity to the cert signing process.
I just need to sign a cert without the FreeIPA overhead.

I tried to get to the Dogtag web UI through the url
http://ipa.example.com/ca/ee/ca but I get an unauthenticated web page (no
password prompt) and broken image links. This tells me that perhaps the
Dogtag UI in a FreeIPA installation is not meant to be used without
FreeIPA. Is that correct?

I know this is a weird use case and not necessarily a FreeIPA problem but
if someone could advise, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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