a RUV (replica update vector) is a structure which on each sever maintains a state of updates it has seen from any other server, it is used in a replication session to determine which updates have to be sent. Normally you don't need to deal with it, only if you remove a replica it is advisable to remove the references to the no longer existing server using clean ruv

On 04/01/2015 04:29 PM, Janelle wrote:
Hello again,

This is a more general question as I am new to "dirsrv" a bit. I have read through a lot of the docs, including 389-ds, but with regards to IPA, well, I am not 100% clear and perhaps this could help others in the future.

Are there guidelines or suggestions for RUV's and cleaning and how to know when you are actually seeing a problem that needs to be fixed? In a good system, for example, my 8 servers, if there are no issues, what would I expect to see from a "list-ruv"? What errors would indicate the need to run a "clean-ruv id"?

I am thinking if there was a write up or FAQ for this, it would go a long way to helping new admins with FreeIPA in understanding all of this. Just a suggestion.

Thank you

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