I have - what I believe to be - a couple of basic questions (I apologize in
advance if these are answered elsewhere, though I've tried to do some
searching ahead of time.):

I recently added an IPA replica to an existing IPA server and noticed that
everything appeared to succeed in the setup.  One observation is that DNS
(bind) was not set up on this new host.  I was wondering if this is normal
behavior, and if so, is there a set of instructions needed to add/create
additional DNS servers for use with FreeIPA?

Ideally, I would like to have DNS running on all IPA hosts.  Additionally,
I plan on adding a pair of caching/slave DNS servers running standing BIND
on remote networks and was wondering what the procedure would be to slave
those zones onto those.  Would that be the same as allowing the transfer
from those IPs and treating them just like any other BIND slave for the
appropriate zones?

I appreciate the clarifications and all the effort that goes into this!

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