>i.e. they both contain both sss and ldap, with sss first. The client was
>installed with the script generated by running "ipa-advise config-redhat-
>sssd-before-1-9" on the server. This script contains:
># Use the authconfig to configure nsswitch.conf and the PAM stack
>authconfig --updateall --enablesssd --enablesssdauth
>and it also updates the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf file: So why would client not be
>using sssd?

I figured out where the problem was, and it was operator error. I had written a 
script to install the client, and the script was running the output of 
ipa-advise before running ipa-client-install. Oops. I switched the order of 
those two lines, and now sssd is working correctly, and the client is failing 
over to alternate servers.

Thanks for the help.

David Guertin

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