On Wed, 15 Apr 2015, Aric Wilisch wrote:
Today I managed to finally get a trust established between my AD Domain and my 
FreeIPA 4 environment.

However I’m noticing a couple issues and hope someone might be able to give me 
some help.

First when the user logs in it creates their home directory in
/home/fioptics/<username> rather than /home/<username>. I read that you
had to put subdomain_homedir= /home in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf but that
didn’t seem to fix it.

Also the FreeIPA environment is set to use /bin/bash as the shell,
however everyone from AD is logging in and using /bin/sh.

I’m hoping if I can get these issues sorted out the other issues I”m
seeing with go as well, but if they don’t I can address those at that
These issues are addressed with IDViews functionality in FreeIPA 4.1.

I have a 'sneak peak' videos of how this feature works:
These are draft sequences, no sound or subtitles so you need to read
documentation too :)
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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