It indeed works
--key=*  --info='/ -rw nfs.example.com:/homes/& /subdir -rw

however the directory is not mounted.

I know it works because when running automount in debug mode I see
mounted nfs.example.com:/homes/test on /home/test

and then it tries to mount the subdir
do_mount_autofs_offset: mount offset /home/test/subdir at /home/test

however it fails with the error
mount_autofs_offset: can't create mount directory: /home/test/subdir,
Permission denied
failed to mount offset

as a test I set an acl on the /exports/homes dir on the fileserver.
setfacl -R -m other:rwx /exports/homes
setfacl -R -m d:other:rwx /eports/homes
and created the mountpoint in the home directory (it failed when it
does not exist do to root squash I guess)
mkdir /exports/homes/test/subdir

and the offset subdir mount is mounted by autofs on the client.

any ideas on how to set the privileges in such a way that not
everybody requires access to the exports ?

Rob Verduijn

2015-04-16 5:36 GMT+02:00 Rob Crittenden <rcrit...@redhat.com>:
> Rob Verduijn wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to figure out how to use automounts in freeipa with offsets.
>> currently I have this:
>> the default location containing 3 maps
>> auto.direct
>> auto.home
>> auto.master
>> auto.direct is empty
>> auto.home contains:
>> key : * mount information : -rw nfs.example.com:/homes/&
>> auto.master contains
>> key : /-  mount-information : auto.direct
>> key: /home mount information : auto.home
>> in autofs file this would be :
>> auto.master :
>> /- /etc/auto.direct
>> /home /etc/auto.home
>> and auto.home would contain:
>> test -rw nfs.example.com:/homes/&
>> now I would like to do the automount indirect offset like this :
>> test / -rw nfs.example.com:/homes/test \
>> /newfolder nfs2.example.com:/newfolder \
>> /anotherfolder nfs3.example.com:/anotherfolder \
>> /anotherfolder/2deep nfs4.example.com:/2deep
>> which would automount the newfolder like this :
>> /home/test/newfolder
>> and anotherfolder like this
>> /home/test/anotherfolder
>> and 2deep like this
>> /home/test/anotherfolder/2deep
>> is this possible in freeipa ?
>> Rob
> If it's possible with LDAP-stored autofs it should be possible with IPA.
> I've typically used much simpler configurations with automount.
> Theoreticaly it should work just the way you'd set it in a file, as
> you've posted. Did you try it? You'd set --key=test --info='/ -rw ...'
> rob

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