I'm running into an issue where a new user account created on the master server 
is not being seen for changing file permissions and such.
I can login using the newly created user account but when I try to change 
permissions on a file/directory it comes up with the following error;
Chown: changing ownership of 'username' : Invalid argument

Now if I go to my replica IPA server it works fine.

I deleted the user and created it again with the same username, gave the 
account a different UID and when I tried to permission the directory again it 
states the same error as above.
I changed the permissions on the replica server and went back to the master and 
looked at the permissions of the directory and it's showing the old UID. I can 
login as the new user and the permissions are fine, the user can create and 
modify files in that directory.

When I run ipa user-find -all -raw username it brings up all of the correct 
information that I entered for the account.
I searched for the old UID that was used with this account before but it 
doesn't seem to exist in IPA.

I've tried restarting the IPA service and remounting the directory that 
contains the required folders but with no luck.
I cleared the SSSD and the NSCD cache.

Does IPA have another cache that needs to be cleared or anything like that?


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