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I wanted to get some input on what your approach is for admin accounts. In the past i approached it where you have a user `John Doe` he has a normal user account for everyday tasks (wifi, anything that talks ldap). He also has an admin account for when he needs to administer ipa, active directory etc.

There are few groups of thought around this. Mine being that admin permissions should not be granted to accounts that are not specifically create to administer ipa/ad. I have worked at places where admin and user accounts were one in the same and others where they were separated.

Currently i have an opportunity to start fresh and wanted to get some input as to what the best approach would be. Freeipa and its developers are security conscious and its built around security so getting your though on this would be great.

Thank You

I do not think there is a clear cut rule you can follow. This is why you have the experience with both approaches. The question that I would ask is how significantly the administrative activity is logically segregated from end user activity in your environment. If there are a lot of areas that only special accounts can get to and no end user can routinely access then probably having a logical separation of the accounts would be better. If admins and users can access the same systems and applications and just have different privileges then you need to focus on access control anyways so having separate accounts would be more overhead than gain.

But this is just my take on this. Others might disagree.

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Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager IdM portfolio
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